Stockinette bags also go by the names lamb stockinettes, stockinette meat wraps, mutton cloth bags and stockinette carcase bags. Mainly used by the meat processing industry for lamb, goat, pork and mutton processing on export and domestic meat carcases, stockinettes can also be used for beef 1/4, veal, hogget as well as any particular specialty meat cut or portion.
Our stockinette bags are all suitable for both export and domestic meat packaging requirements and meet the highest standards in quality control and quality assurance. We manufacture to food grade and supply to both Australia and also overseas markets and can provide our stockinette bags, in volume, anywhere in the world.
We have been supplying our stockinette bags Australia wide since 2009, and provide our products to domestic and export meat processing plants all over the country: Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia.
All of our stockinette bags can be printed according to your company details requirement, along with translated text for whatever region it is going to. Arabic, Chinese- Mandarin / Cantonese, Korean, Japanese or any other foreign language. Whether your product is going to the Middle East, China, Asia regions or anywhere in the world, we can cover your specific needs.
All of our stockinette bags can also be tagged for export stickering requirements.
Please have a look at our products for the specific size application required on various species.

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