Pallet Freezer Spacers

Designed largely for carton meat in meat processing facilities or cold stores, pallet freezer spacers allow a much greater ‘throughput’ by decreasing chill down, freeze down or thaw down times.  These tough, food-safe HDPE spacers provide a vastly more economical time frame to achieve the desired refrigeration temp, allowing prompt turnaround for the next load.

Our pallet freezer spacers are designed so that air can circulate freely, through each layer, as it sits on a pallet.  This allows temperate air to penetrate more quickly into areas of the pallet that would otherwise be ‘insulated’ by the surrounding cartons when they are stacked normally on a pallet.  By interrupting each layer with a pallet freezer spacer, temperate air can penetrate rapidly, and refrigeration efficiencies improve vastly, so the product can be loaded out promptly at the required temperature.

Our pallet freezer spacers are designed specifically for Australian pallets, fitting snugly inside the confines of a standard Chep pallet sizing, measuring 1150mm x 1150mm.  Our spacers are also 100% reusable and recyclable.  Made from tough materials these spacers can be easily washed down and stacked away while not being used.  The design also allows great economy of space when not in use as the design will allow up to 500 pieces to be neatly stacked in one pallet space.

Able to withstand heavy load capacity and a high temperature variance in its application, our pallet freezer spacers are equally at home in a blast freezer as they are in a warm temperature environment if they are being used in a thawing application for example.

Our pallet freezer spacers are available Australia wide and we welcome your enquiry, so please contact us today and we will provide a quote delivered to your business.

For further information please download our product pdf here.

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